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Looking for heating repair services in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Littleton or elsewhere within South Metro?

We have been serving Colorado, starting in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas since 1994. We now offer affordable and professional heating repair services to Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Littleton and all over South Metro Denver.

With our heating system and heating repair services, we strive to make your home more efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable. Whether you need a pre-season tune-up of your water heaters and boilers before the winter, or simply need a technician for their maintenance, you can get them all and more from At Parker Service Company.

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Our heating repair contractors, as well as technicians, offer their services all over South Metro Denver. From basic maintenance of your boilers, heaters, furnaces and heat pumps, to installing top of the line equipment, we work hard to offer you the best in installation, service, maintenance, and repairs.

Do It Yourself Tips To Check First

  • Is your thermostat in heat mode?
  • Is your bottom blower door cover fastened securely? This is especially important if you have recently changed a filter.
  • Are none of your breakers tripped? Are all electrical switches turned on?
  • Is the thermostat temperature set correctly?The temperature preferred must be set higher than the temperature in the home.
  • Is your furnace’s blower motor running well?

Since any of these can cause problems, checking these points will help you find the real trouble and in some cases, even fix it easily however if you need heating repair services in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Littleton or anywhere else in South Metro we can help: (720) 276-2815

What We Offer:

Starting from checking your boiler and furnace for potential problem areas and fixing those up, to ensuring regular inspection and performance tune-ups, our heating system and heating repair services takes care of all these and more.

Here are some of our heating system and heating repair services that you can benefit from:.

  • Regular cleaning and change of furnace filter
  • Checks to ensure proper operation of all controls, safety switches, motors and other components
  • Inspection, adjustment and calibration of thermostat
  • Checking air/fuel mixture, gas pressure, air speed and make adjustments for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Duct cleaning of furnaces

In case you notice unnatural odors or noises (bangs, explosion sounds or others) coming out from your furnaces, boilers or heat pumps, which may indicate potential dangers, we offer emergency heating repair services to ensure safety of your life and home.

Heating Repair – Troubleshooting Tips:

Experts of At Parker Service Company often share troubleshooting tips for heating repair services in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Littleton and other areas, which can help you fix small problems on your own. For example, if your furnace is not heating up, checking if the furnace blower door panel is installed correctly on your furnace could help. This is especially applicable if you have recently changed a filter as you should double-check to ensure that the door is in place. Remember – if the blower door isn’t in the right place, all power to the furnace will be disconnected.

In case you aren’t getting enough heat in some rooms, you should check if the supply air registers are open to their maximum capacity.

At times, registers may get closed inadvertently by children or even pets.

You can close down some registers or shut them completely while trying to adjust the air flow to specific rooms. However, you should handle the task with caution because closing too many registers could be damaging to furnace operation.

To know more about such troubleshooting tips or to request a quote for heating repair services in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Littleton or any of the other towns within Metro Denver, call: (720) 276-2815

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