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Over stock sale discount for new furnace and a/c installations.

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Furnace / Hot Water Boiler / Air Conditioner / Central Humidifier / Repair / Service Or New Installation

Looking for commercial and residential HVAC companies in Highlands Ranch CO? Or perhaps you are looking for help in Aurora, Parker or Littleton or anywhere else in South Metro Denver, if you need repair or replacement, please call (720) 276-2815. It iѕ important tо note thаt уоu саn prevent problems аnd costly emergency service requests bу keeping уоur system wеll maintained. Yоu can’t hаvе аn unreliable furnace, оr a constantly malfunctioning air conditioner. If that is the case currently, contact At Parker Service Company for a quote.

Our Services

We thank you for choosing us to be your provider for HVAC companies in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker and Littleton and all surrounding areas within South Metro Denver.

Furnace Repair

At Parker Service Company is one of the leaders of the market that offer expert furnace repair and services.

Furnace Certification

It is highly recommended that you acquire a certification for your furnace from an accredited heating contractor like us.

AC Installation

Experts of At Parker Service Company are highly qualified and exclusively trained to handle installation and testing of AC units.

AC Repair

At Parker Service Company comes to your rescue to repair your central air conditioning or other HVAC units.

HVAC Contract

We also offer yearly maintenance contracts for residential furnaces, residential air conditioners, and lite-commercial rooftop units. 

Boiler Repair

We, At Parker Service Company, can help you with its promising boiler maintenance and repair services. 

Boiler Installation

 At Parker Service Company offers some of the best brands of boilers on the market such as CROWN, RayPak, Burnton, Dunkirk etc. 

Boiler Certification

 With At Parker Service Company, you can be rest assured of having certified and experienced technicians at work.


Some of our rates for typical services

We offer yearly maintenance contracts for residential furnaces, residential air conditioners….

Our Product Brands

What We're About

We commit to our customer with the best HVAC services at affordable costs.

Don’t pay the big name companies $100-$150 an hour, the so called book price. We are a small family-owned company for your HVAC service, repair and replacement. We only charge $100 per hour and service anything from 1920 to present models. Including forced air furnace, hot water boiler, central humidifier, electronic air cleaner, air conditioner, domestic water heater.

We also offer yearly maintenance contracts for residential furnace & A/C and lite-commercial rooftop units. We inspect, clean and certify furnaces for residential buy or sell.

Furnace certification is only $175.00 (cleaning and service additional $60) Our furnace install starts as low as$1500 and A/C install starts as low as $2495.
Take at look at our rates for other service costs and thank you for choosing At Parker Service Company to be one of your chosen HVAC companies in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, and Littleton Colorado.

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Editorial review from Citysearch Citysearch – Tremendously Honest, hard working guys who know their skills. Positive experience from At Parker Service Company.


Tremendous service! My furnace began blowing cold air over the weekend. I attempt the basic steps to fix it myself on Sunday night, but no luck. I contacted At Parker. 


A very positive experience! Two lovely technicians from At Parker Service Co. came over within an hour of my call to diagnose and fix the Boiler Problem.


William B.
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