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Looking for boiler repair in Highlands Ranch CO or in Aurora, Parker, Littleton or other within South Metro Denver?

The Chilled climate of Winter demands much of your boiler unit. No wonder that it needs adequate attention to perform well when you are in need. With the temperatures dropping down tremendously during this season, it’s common to hear complaints of boiler breakdowns and pipe bursts during the winter.

The smart choice to avoid these complaints and save on your energy bills is to understand the significance of boiler maintenance and take the necessary actions. This is where At Parker Service Company can help with its boiler maintenance and repair services.

For more information about boiler repair services, call: (720) 276-2815

Need For Maintainance

With the complications that one would have to cater to, choosing a good brand of heater and boiler unit alone does not assure long-time peak performance of the unit. To maximize your unit’s functionality, your boiler requires regular checks and maintenance done by an expert technician. Regular boiler maintenance and repair services done by us test how well all your boiler components are running, in addition to cleaning and the inspection of the pipes and components.

To get residential boiler repair in Aurora, Highlands Ranch CO, Parker, Littleton or anywhere else in South Metro Denver, call: (720) 276-2815
In case we find any defective components that aren’t functioning, we replace them as well. We also offer emergency boiler repair services in Littleton to ensure that your boiler functions well during times of need.

New Boiler Installation

There are times when your boiler may require replacement or you may just want to upgrade your existing heating and boiler unit to the latest model available. At Parker Service Company in Parker CO offers some of the best brands of boilers on the market such as CROWN, RayPak, Burnton, Dunkirk etc. with minimum installation costs, which is as low as $4895.00, in addition to the cost of the control units.

HVAC Certifications

Such Certifications not only require exclusive skill sets and knowledge to install boilers and offer central heating services, but also a certification from the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that you are capable of handling refrigerant disposals the right way.

According to the guidelines of the EPA, all technicians who open a container or system holding a controlled refrigerant need to be certified with the EPA Section 608 Certifications. There are four types of certifications that come under the purview of Section 608 namely Type I, Type II, Type III and Universal. HVAC technicians need these certifications before they start repairing, servicing, or disposing the appliances professionally.

With At Parker Service Company, you can be rest assured of having certified and experienced technicians at work for your boiler repair in Parker CO and replacement services.

Making the best choice for your boiler maintenance and repair, is just a call away whether you are in Parker, Littleton, Aurora or Highlands Ranch. At Parker Service Company extends its services to all the cities within South Metro Denver. So, call us today if you need help with your boiler or central heating unit. Call now for a quote: (720) 276-2815

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