17 Signs That Your Home Furnace Needs Repair

Home Gas Furnace issues are quite common due to excessive usage and extensive negligence. Often, the issue would be as simple as a filter change or condensation, which you will be able to correct on your own. However, if you have not touched it for months together, it is wise to call a furnace repair/ maintenance professional to get it checked and serviced.

10 Reasons of AC Compressor Overheating & Solution

Air conditioner compressor is a significant part of any AC unit, which is placed outdoor and does the pumping of refrigerant through the system. Sometimes, the compressor might completely stop working due to overheating, which is one of the most common problems plaguing an AC. However, in Parker Co the causes behind such overheating may differ.

How Often Should I Service My AC?


How frequently you should service your AC unit depends on whether you have installed a new one or using one of those outdated versions. Both require regular maintenance in order to perform to their peak levels for a long time. Changing filters, cleaning the coils, inspecting and replacing the required parts – all of these would help avoid unwanted malfunctioning of the unit during the summer in Parker and even contribute to reduced energy bills.

10 things you need to know about boiler installer

With an ever increasing need for a boiler these days, given the proximity of winter, it becomes essential to choose a boiler installer who will understand your needs and deliver accordingly. At Parker Service Company is a renowned company that provides boiler installation, maintenance and repair services amongst others across the regions of Aurora and Parker,

How to choose Furnace Repair professional

Furnaces often require regular maintenance and repair control to ensure their proper functioning throughout the year. Even when you are most vigilant, furnaces can start causing problems, often requiring professionals to help solve it. With several furnace repair professionals available today, choosing the perfect one can be quite daunting for the uninitiated. Here are some points to consider when choosing such professionals to repair your furnace.

How to save money on your Boiler Installation

Boiler installation can be quite expensive but there are several ways in which you can actually save money. In fact, companies like At Parker Service Company are perfect for helping you achieve this. Here are some tips, which if followed, will help save money.

Primarily, when choosing a boiler, make sure that you choose a high efficiency boiler.