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Things To Expect During The Boiler Installation

Furnaces or boilers provide heat to most households in the U.S.

Air is heated in Furnaces and is distributed through the house with the help of ducts. On the other hand, Boilers heat water and give hot water or steam for heating as needed.

Steam is supplied through pipes to steam radiators, and hot water can be distributed via baseboard radiators, radiant floor systems, or heat air with the help of a coil.

Steam boilers operate at a higher temperature as compared to that of the hot water boilers and hence are less efficient. However, furnaces and boilers with higher efficiencies are popularly used these days.

Things you should do before installation


Clear the places around the current boiler and radiators so that the engineer can operate and work on them conveniently. Also make sure to clear a path in and out of your front and back doors.

The engineer will always be as tidy as possible, but work areas can still get messy. So, it’s wise to put down cardboard or carpet protectors and cover furniture with dust sheets.

Move anything valuable or breakable to a safe area as it is always better to have precaution than cure.
Lots of old boiler parts will also be needed to be removed, which is why you need to guide the engineer through the locations to put them.

What is the Time taken to complete the procedure?


Time taken for installation depends on the exact issue and the overall work that needs to be done. If the installation is relatively simple, such as replacing one combi boiler with another, then it might only take a day, which immediately takes your home to a regular.
However, if you have additional work on your radiators and pipes, the procedure and thus the duration might extend to more than one or two days.

What is expected from the customer on the boiler installation day


On the installation day, the customer has nothing to work upon as such. It’s best you do not interfere in the engineer’s way as much as possible. These expert technicians prefer to work freely and undisturbed.
However, make sure you are available to them whenever they ask for. If you’re at work, make sure they can contact you quickly if they need to.
If you’re working from home, you’ll need to find a quiet room to work in as the engineer will be in and out all day. And there’s likely to be drilling and other noise.

What else should the customer know before a boiler installation


Be ready for some last-moment problems that might arise, such as no water availability and moving furniture or other stuff that might be coming the engineer’s way.

Make sure you have bottled water ready and be ready to lift any furniture or boxes if that is coming your way.
The technician might ask for any hidden pipework locations or openings of any electricals.
Make sure your pets are in a safe place and are not disturbing the engineer.

What is the exact procedure of boiler installation?


If you’ve hired an experienced contractor, then the installation process starts before the boiler tank arrives at your home or even a single wrench comes out of a toolkit.

The HVAC experts will first inspect your home and perform a heat load calculation to determine the proper size boiler to install. They will also figure out the best location for the boiler and how it will hook up to the power source.
It is occasionally essential to reconfigure some of the pipes in your home in order to reduce heat loss. Professional installers will see to it that your new boiler suffers from as little heat waste as possible.

If you have a natural gas-powered boiler installed, your technicians will take special care to see that the new system is hooked up effectively and safely to the gas line. They will test for leaks and check that the gas pressure is up to the local code. If you’ve hired professionals, they won’t leave your home until they know the boiler will work for you without safety hazards.



Boiler installation is a complicated and essential procedure that needs utmost care and safety measures. It is the customer’s job to make sure they hire well-certified HVAC contractors and thus well-skilled technicians for the work.
It is very important for you to take the necessary precautions and cooperate with the technician as much as needed.
Choosing the right contractor will also ensure better annual service and preference.
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